<<<< GO ESCAPE BACK TO MAIN!!! (rapido!!)

something's going to be here soon - ( 10/11/2022 / 9:20 PM )

and SOMETHING'S HERE!!, Today I discovered a website that was like, extremely fuckin' fun to prod around, and the webmaster was around so they ended up showing me a lot of their easter eggs scattered around and talked a while!, was super super super super fun, I love web-scouting, if you can call it that, this is such a motivating moment, which reminds me, how web-scouting always leaves this one smell on my nose.. it's, hard to describe, but feels rather familiar and homely, yet also distinct and weird, it's very interesting, I love just browsing random webs, it's a really cool experience - ( 11/11/2022 / 2:50 PM - Edited 3:20 PM *It'd be mean to just not link the website, proper etiquette!!, you might see me in chat, hi!!)

moved (most of!) the current contents into thoughtbottle!, decided to make this more of a casual thing, to comment things and progress on my stuff and the website!, my rambling and venting will go into thought bottle, sorry! (Not really sorry I didn't want to have Unrequested Vent Dumps out on the open, now at least you'll have to click something and ACCEPT YOU ARE GOING TO READ THEM!! MWAHAHAHA, and so, yea), has been a while right? :) - ( 7/12/2022 )

AND HERE I AM AGAIN HAHAHEHE, I again dissapeared but trust me I'm trying to make this new year worth, I'll DRAW more, I'll CODE more, Ijust need to keep doing what I'm doing..